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At the feedback session on how to enhance the TMF, we discussed the possibility of staging regional Test Management Forum events. since 2004, the forum meetings have all been in Central London. That's fine for those that live nearby, but it's quite a journey and expense to travel if you live out of town.

Now, we have some interest in running regional groups in both the Bristol and the Leeds areas, and we would very much like to gauge the interest in these and other areas. Here's what we propose to do:

  1. We have added two new fields to the account registration page of the website. These are Country and UK Region. We are asking all members to update their account details on this site to give us some demographic information on your location.
  • Country: Most members are UK-based, but we know that quite a few people have registered on the website from overseas, and some even travel to come to the Forum. Could there be an overseas TMF, perhaps? Let us know!
  • UK Region: If you are UK-based, we'd like to know in which region you live/work. The 'regions' are arbitrarily defined - and many apologies to the Scots, Welsh and Ulster contingents :O) If you are London-based, we'd still like you to update your details! The regional boundaries we propose are as per the diagram below.
  • When we have some meaningful numbers on the regional distribution of members, we'll publish the stats.
  • Now, if you are interested in helping to organise a Forum event in your region - do let us know using the contact form, let's talk and discuss how we can get such an event off the ground.
  • TMF - UK Geographic Regions

    So, right now, we ask that you update your profile if you are a registered user or register on the site if you aren't. It will only take a minute or two to do this. If you don't let us know where you are based, we cannot gauge the potential demand for a Forum event in your area, can we?

    Use this Link: User Account Details Follow this link and you can 'Create an Account', 'Log in' or 'Request a new password'. When registered/logged in, use the same link to access your account details.

    Thanks very much for your help. If you have any problems with this, ideas for getting a regional evenf off the ground or want to help organise one in your ares let us know!

    Thanks very much.

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    Paul Gerrard's picture

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for this. I'll put you in touch with the other guys who are interested in this.


    Principal, Gerrard Consulting