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I'm Not Ready for School... Yet

Michael Bolton has responded to my plea for schools to 'go away'.
The context-driven school obviously exists. People keep telling me it does. I can't deny that. God bless it and all who sail in it etc. etc. It is the definitions of OTHER schools by the context-driven school that I'm discouraging. That wasn't clear, I suppose.

Michael, like James, seems keen to set me up in my own little school (of one :-))

Labels, Stereotypes and Schools

As usual, I'm grateful to James Bach in commenting on my last post. in a wide-ranging statement, he defends the value of schools of thought. I agree entirely that schools of thought have value. Partly they allow one to compare and contrast aspects of a discipline, particularly where there are differences of opinion, thought, belief, behaviour etc. and heaven knows there's plenty of variety in that regard.

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Clients, Contexts and Schools

There's been a lively discussion on axioms of testing and the subject of schools came up in that conversation. I'm not a member of any particular school and if people like to be part of one - good for them. I think discussion of schools is a distraction and doesn't help the axioms debate at all. I do suggest that axioms are context- and school- independent - so with respect to schools of testing, I had better explain my position here.