Tester Jobs on LinkedIn TMF Group

For some time there has been a group on LinkedIn associated with the Forum (which I manage). It has a facility for posting messages, queries and answers etc. Quite a few people have posted opportunities and some have announced their availability for employment.

I suggest you use that Forum to offer jobs and/or your availability. Thanks.

The LinkedIn group can be found here:

You need to register and join that group to read, post and respond.

Linkedin Group: Test Management Forum

For some time, I've been registered on Linkedin ( and found it useful to make contact with past colleagues and as a source of contacts in our community.

I've added a new Linkedin group called, unsurprisingly, Test Management Forum. There are only a handful of members so far, but it's early days. Being a member of a group is useful if you want to make contact and connect with other people.

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