Inaugural Assurance Leadership Forum Scotland 21 Feb, Glasgow

The inaugural Assurance Leadership Forum SCOTLAND took place on Thursday 21 February 2019 at The Studio in Glasgow.

Hosted by ROQ





Intro and short session – Paul Gerrard

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Session 1 – Anna McMillan 2i
Why Testers Aren’t Going the Way of the Dinosaur

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Session 2 – Bryn Coulthard
A View from the Outside




Session 3 – Lynn Purcell

Session 4 – Jonny Fletcher
Pragmatic Automation

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Abstracts and Speaker Bios

Jonny Fletcher - Pragmatic Automation

Jonny will discuss how test automation can be implemented to deliver the greatest return on investment through using a mixture of test automation techniques. Approaching test automation in this way has been proven to improve the flow of work, amplify feedback loops and enables continuous improvement – achieving the “3 ways of DevOps”.

Jonny is a highly experienced and passionate software engineer specialising in the design, development, implementation and governance of bespoke test automation solutions at ROQ, covering a wide range of industries and technologies. He is keen to share some of his experiences with you, to help you overcome some of the difficult challenges faced in the ever-changing, complex area of test automation.

Anna McMillan – Why Testers Aren’t Going the Way of the Dinosaur

Anna will discuss observations from personal experience on the key qualities that test professionals bring to any context and how these qualities are the key to remaining relevant and continuing to add value to change delivery in the ever-changing landscape test professionals work within.

Anna is an experienced senior test professional with over 10 years experience, much of her career has been spent in Consultancy - currently with 2i Testing. She has a wealth of experience across a range of clients and sectors; including Financial Services, Pharmaceutical Software and Public Sector. Anna has a keen interest in improving the delivery process and building quality in from the outset. Anna is always aware of the big picture and brings her personality and drive for success to every challenge.


Bryn Coulthard – A View from the Outside

Bryn will share the journey that his career path has taken, starting out in testing, then taking the leap into wider roles – heading up development, architecture and strategy teams. He will reflect on his journey and share his perspective on the opportunities and challenges in Testing based on his experiences looking in from the outside.

Bryn started his career as a software tester within Scottish Power’s IT organization he spent 10 years working in testing across a number of leading UK organisations such as Vodafone, Microsoft before heading up a number of testing functions within National Australia Bank. He then developed his Retail Banking experience by working in a number of UK banks over 20 years, latterly as part of National Australia Bank’s UK division for 14 years in a number of testing, development and architecture leadership roles. Now, as part of NCR’s Product Management Group, Bryn is responsible for Banking product strategy, with a personal passion on the opportunities and solutions being created through the introduction of Open Banking, Open APIs and the collaboration with fintechs.


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