October 2004

'Testing Centres of Excellence' - the challenges and rewards

A growing industry trend is to move testing (as well as other disciplines) towards a Centre of Excellence model. Other, more mature industries such as the Aerospace industry have been working with this model for many years. This session will discuss the pros and cons of the Testing C of E. Who has implemented a centralised approach and what were the rewards and challenges? Who
has rejected it and why. For those on the path to a centre of excellence, what are the hurdles? Where do you start? How do you measure success?

Facilitated by Colin Robb, Mercury, now HP

Success with Tools

Nowadays, everyone has experience of implementing and using automated test execution tools. Some organisations have great success with tools, others use them with limited or sporadic success whilst a depressing number of companies get nowhere. The risk of investing in 'shelfware' is making us all wary of embarking on ambitious automation programmes. This session aims to explore the critical risks and success factors of test automation. Do we fail to manage expectations? Does it matter which tool we select? Are cultural issues significant? Are automation frameworks the answer? Bring your experience to the forum and air your views.

Paul introduced the topic by showing a subset of a presentation he did for Eurostar 1998, 'CAST: Past Present and Future'

Facilitated by Paul Gerrard, Gerrard Consulting


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