July 2004

The Future of Testing Services

Many of us have worked with, for or though Testing Services companies. Historically, these companies have not provided services, but 'bodyshopped' to cover resource shortfalls for client organisations. It is clear that historically, many clients could not accommodate 'managed services' and perhaps, the testing companies found it easier to bodyshop. But it is also true that some testing companies started life as contract agencies and still work to that model. But, what do clients really want? What do testing companies really want to provide? Is the market maturing, opening the door to a range of sophisticated service providers? Or will the market always be dominated by contract agencies?

Facilitated by Paul Gerrard, Gerrard Consulting

Paul has written an article for the BCS 2005 Annual Review which is more broad ranging, but touches upon the Testing Services which you might find interesting. See attachments.

Antony Marcano asks a question on a related topic


Future methodologies, old challenges and the future role of Test Managers

Agile methods promise a lot: more disciplined developers delivering more reliable, test-first developed code into flexible test environments. But it's clear that the Agile approach is a fig leaf for many development groups. Are they doing the same old stuff but saying they are now 'Agile'? It seems that Agile is here to stay, so how should Test Managers deal with the new
methodologies? How should we deal with the disjoint between Agile processes and 'Best Testing Practice'

Facilitated by Graham Dwyer