Test Management Workshops - Abstracts and Materials

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Alan Richardson, Compendium Developments, Exploratory and Innovative Testing Workshop

Does your test team innovate, and generate new approaches to your testing? As test managers we can build processes and shape our team culture to encourage innovation, learning and exploration.

This hands-on workshop will teach the principles and techniques of exploratory learning. You will use, and learn how to identify tools which augment your testing and we will discuss ways of identifying and building tailored approaches to help us innovate and get the most out of our teams and our testing.

This workshop for testers and managers willing to share their experiences and keep learning and moving their test process forward.

Equipment: Bring a laptop (with wireless or optionally a 5m network cable).

Susan Windsor, WMHL Consulting, Don’t shoot the messenger!

How many times have we taken criticism for being the bearer of bad news? Why are we misunderstood and not appreciated?

Getting our message over effectively requires others to receive it in a way they can understand. So, one key area we all strive to improve in the testing profession is in the area of communications. Being able to communicate effectively can enhance your career in your current organisation, improve your value as potential employee and provide you with greater self-confidence.

This workshop covers three elements of effective communication and Susan will stage exercises for each:

  • The science of persuasion
  • The art of story telling
  • Communications styles

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to identify how you can apply these techniques in your workplace.

Ray Arell - Intel, Building a SCRUM based Test Strategy

In this workshop Ray will walk through the creation of a validation test strategy that fits the Agile SCRUM development life-cycle.

This will include an overview of SCRUM and the benefits/pitfalls for validation teams, a sample test framework, a deeper dive into customer personas and how to use them effectively in sprint deliverables, defect management, a breakdown of test methods that work well and ones that don't and why, test architecture impact, training, and key measurements.

Also, Ray will give insight into his team's transformation from a waterfall development culture to SCRUM. This will include a deeper view of the people impact within a large paradigm shift.  This tutorial should be helpful for both managers and individual contributors who are at the start for their agile journey.

Paul Gerrard, Gerrard Consulting, Open Source and Free Tools Workshop

What can open source and free tools do for you? Surely they are unreliable? Where is the documentation? Where is the support? They are free but can’t do much for me, can they?

The number, scope and reliability of open source and free tools increase every day. In this session, We will explore the range of free tools available and how you can obtain, install and configure a few of them. The workshop aims to remove some of the mystique of open source, Linux-based and virtualisation tools. We’ll discuss how you need to adjust expectations, take a flexible, hands-on but realistic approach to exploring these new tools and opportunities.

Optional: Bring a laptop (with wireless or ideally a 5m network cable) if you want to download/try out the exemplar tools (to include Linux, OpenOffice, VMWare, Perl/Python/PHP, MySQL, Bugzilla, Watir, Selenium, Grinder).

Dave Evans and Mike Scott, SQS, Agile Test Management Workshop

In this workshop we will explore the most common issues and challenges faced by Test Managers working in an agile context.

Topics we’ll cover include test tooling strategy, test asset management, team size & configuration, management style, staff development & training, offshoring and distributed teams.  We will also take the opportunity to workshop as a group the issues of greatest importance to you.

George Wilson, Original Software, Taking Control of Your Test Data

Every organisation faces the challenge of delivering quality IT systems to support rapidly evolving business demands. The effective management of data is critical in meeting this challenge, especially when it comes to building a test environment for ensuring your applications do what they are required to do. This workshop will explore strategies and techniques that can be used to support QA teams with the creation, management and verification of test data.