2009 Test Management Summit

The Third Test Management Summit took place on Wednesday 28 January 2009 at the sumptuous Institute of Directors at 116 Pall Mall, London.

The day was generously sponsored by our PATRONS, HP, SOGETI and SQS UK and our Summit Sponsors, FACILITA, NEOTYS and ORIGINAL Software.

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Pragmatic Testing in Agile Projects

Stuart Reid

Testing Solutions Group

Getting Value out of Quality Center

Paul Rolfe


Managing Code Quality and Delivery in the 21st Century

Sebastian Paczynski


What Influences Me in Software Testing

Graham Thomas

Independent Consultant

Survival Skills for Difficult Times

Bogdan Bereza-Jarocinski,  Better Software

Exploring Open and Free Tools

Alan Richardson

Compendium Developments

Additional notes from Alan

Managed Outsourced Testing

Paul Godsafe

Independent Consultant

Load and Performance Testing Challenges for 2009

Gordon McKeown


Knowledge Management on a Testing Team

Dan Prokopiwskyi


Exploring Why Software Automation Fails or Succeeds

George Wilson

Original Software

Why Aren't the Testers Testing Security?

Ed Hill


Performance and Test-Driven Development: Are they Compatible?

Alan Gordon and David Evans


Result-Driven Testing Business Alignment in Order to Show Our Added

Derk-Jan de Grood

Collis BV

Performance Testing Rich

Internet Apps and Web Apps

Thomas Ripoche


Agile Seems to Have Cracked the Unit Test Issue but What About the
Rest of Testing?

Sam Clarke


The Wider Benefits of the CCTM Security Testing Scheme

Peter Fagan


Keynote Talk: Paul Gerrard

The Future of Testing: it's All About Value