About the ALF

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Welcome to the Assurance Leadership Forum community website. The Forums are an online resource but also organise quarterly meetings in Central London on the last wednesday of January, April, July and October. The forums cover many topic areas including:

  • Assurance in the large and the small
  • Test Team and People Management
  • Project/Programme Test Management
  • Agile Test Management
  • Test Strategy and Communicating It
  • Technical Testing (Performance, Non-Functional Testing)
  • Usability, User Experience Testing

Please browse the site - almost all the content is available to you as an anonymous user.  However, to contribute to the discussions or attend the quarterly meetings, you must register on the site. Registration is easy - all you need to do is follow the 'Create new account' link on the left. Welcome!

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Our Vision

The Assurance Leadership Forum is aimed at senior assurance and testing practitioners and managers. It aims to be:

  • Forward looking, focusing on trends, futures, the ‘big issues’ in Assurance, Testing and QA management
  • Geared towards networking - bringing like-minded test managers together
  • To be influential - to have a certain gravitas, authority and influence over the IT industry - without being pompous!
  • A tools-free zone with no sales-pitches or vendor preferences
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The quarterly Forums in January, July and October are sponsored events, open to all and cost GBP 20 to attend. The April Summit is an annual special event. The annual Summit is a sponsored event, open to all and for a remarkably low fee.

The Forums and Summit are organised and hosted by Gerrard Consulting.

Mike Jarred acts as the Programme Chair for all of the London events.

Contributions and content are invited from practitioners. It is non-bureaucratic, driven by participants.

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We have a sponsorship information pack - please get in touch with us and we can share it with you.

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Some Forum Feedback

"I came to my first Forum a month or so back. It was the most stimulating session I've ever attended on testing (admittedly I haven't been to many others mind you). I just got so much out of it. Wish I'd discovered it sooner. Hoping to attend the one this month too."

"I was watching the room and noted that every single person contributed at one point or another. That has to be a pretty positive comment on the relevance of the subject matter."

"I would just like to say many thanks for allowing me to attend your event ... I found the event really interesting, informative, learnt lots and had fun!"

"What a refreshing event. The topics were relevant to today's challenges, the discussion was inclusive, lively and informed and there was sufficient time for informal networking too. A very rewarding way to spend an afternoon"

"I found it very useful in all aspects of content, presentation, membership etc. Many thanks again and I look forward to future meetings."

"... those present were at the right level, i.e. really involved in assurance and test management unlike other events so the level of conversation was appropriate, rather than too basic. It addressed issues that impact us. Was it worth the time? Yes. For the out of forum discussions certainly. I look forward to the next one."

"The last meeting was really excellent - lots of useful ideas and new perspectives." "I enjoyed myself tremendously this afternoon, learnt several things, and met some really interesting people. Thank-you for the occasion, and the invitation."

"I just wanted to thank you for organising another really top class meeting yesterday. I had a great time, and came away with several new points of view."

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