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Test Management Summit 2009

The Third Test Management Summit took place on Wednesday 28 January 2009 at the sumptuous Institute of Directors at 116 Pall Mall, London.

The day was generously sponsored by our PATRONS, HP, SOGETI and SQS UK and our Summit Sponsors, FACILITA, NEOTYS and ORIGINAL Software.

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I'm Not Ready for School... Yet

Michael Bolton has responded to my plea for schools to 'go away'.
The context-driven school obviously exists. People keep telling me it does. I can't deny that. God bless it and all who sail in it etc. etc. It is the definitions of OTHER schools by the context-driven school that I'm discouraging. That wasn't clear, I suppose.

Michael, like James, seems keen to set me up in my own little school (of one :-))

Labels, Stereotypes and Schools

As usual, I'm grateful to James Bach in commenting on my last post. in a wide-ranging statement, he defends the value of schools of thought. I agree entirely that schools of thought have value. Partly they allow one to compare and contrast aspects of a discipline, particularly where there are differences of opinion, thought, belief, behaviour etc. and heaven knows there's plenty of variety in that regard.

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The Future of Testing

This year, I've presented two talks on 'Past, Present and Future of Testing' at IBC Euroforum in Stockholm and 'Future of Testing' at SQC London. I thought it would be a good idea to write some notes on the 'predictions' as I'm joining some esteemed colleagues at a retreat this weekend, and we talk about futures much of the time.

You can download the paper from here.

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20th Test Management Forum

The Twentieth Test Management forum took place on Wednesday 29th October at the conference centre at Balls's Brothers, Minster Pavement.

The meeting was sponsored by:

We are most grateful to our sponsors.

Session summaries and downloadable materials can be found here.

Testing, Contracts, Agile and Axioms

Many, many thanks for the invitation to speak and the hospitality of the Dansk-IT Test Manager Klub. A very welcoming audience for my 'traditional' pitch on Contracts and Testing and also the discussion on Axioms and Agile. Thank-you.

You can see the Axioms talk and paper here. The Agile Contracts slides are attached to this post. Also, the Axioms Worksheet I used in the session.

Linkedin Group: Test Management Forum

For some time, I've been registered on Linkedin ( and found it useful to make contact with past colleagues and as a source of contacts in our community.

I've added a new Linkedin group called, unsurprisingly, Test Management Forum. There are only a handful of members so far, but it's early days. Being a member of a group is useful if you want to make contact and connect with other people.

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Why critical thinking is more imortant than ever

I'm an optimistic sort of fellow and I really thought that promotions like this:

... were fewer and further between in our industry.

Now I know it's foolish to think that technical people (with experience and relevant knowledge) will ever write marketing blurb (so it is credible), but it stil pains me to read this sort of thing.

"Top 10 Reasons to Implement Automated Application Quality Management"