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October 2012 Test Management Forum

Test Management Forum 25 April

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2011 Test Management Summit

The FIFTH TEST MANAGEMENT SUMMIT will take place on Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th January 2011.
FINAL Summit Programme Now Available

Full Summit Programme

The Summit is sponsored by nFocus and Microsoft, Facilita, Original Software and IBM and is hosted by Gerrard Consulting.

Day 1 - Tuesday 25
January 2011

Test Management Workshops

Venue: Balls's Brothers, Minster Pavement

£95 plus vat

Day 2 - Wednesday 26
January 2011

The Test Management Summit

Venue: Institute of Directors at 116 Pall Mall, London

£100 plus vat
Dinner:£40 plus vat

To Book a Place

To book places at the Workshops, the Summit and dinner, download the booking form, complete and fax or email to us.

Booking form with new VAT Rate

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Actions from the Special Session: "How Should the Forum Evolve?"

At the last Forum meeting we held a special session at the end of the day to discuss how the Forum should evolve and improve. There were four core topics discussed and four main actions arising from the discussion. This note sets out our proposed way forward on each. We have created three BLOG Posts on the site that provide more detail and background.

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Regional TMFs

At the feedback session on how to enhance the TMF, we discussed the possibility of staging regional Test Management Forum events. since 2004, the forum meetings have all been in Central London. That's fine for those that live nearby, but it's quite a journey and expense to travel if you live out of town.

Now, we have some interest in running regional groups in both the Bristol and the Leeds areas, and we would very much like to gauge the interest in these and other areas. Here's what we propose to do:

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    Format of Forum and Summit Sessions

    At the feedback session on how to enhance the TMF, the consensus was that members really appreciate getting involved in discussions and are keen to avoid the TMF turning into “just another testing event” and we’re certainly in total support of that!

    But there were also feelings expressed that we have drifted away from our original vision of a focusing on open discussion and moving towards a more conventional presentation format. This has happened gradually over time for several reasons, but we plan to address this problem as a matter of priority.

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    Test Manager Mentoring

    At the last forum we held a feedback session on how the TMF could be enhanced and there was a suggestion that we increase community support by introducing some form of mentoring scheme.

    Group discussion and networking have always been key a core objective of the TMF. A mentoring scheme, facilitated by TMF members seemed to be very popular idea and we identified two types of mentoring relationship that could be valuable to TMF members.

    • Supporting career development and
    • Current 'challenges'
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    October Test Management Forum

    The 27th Test Management Forum will take place on Wednesday 27 October 2010 at the conference centre at Balls's Brothers, Minster Pavement.

    The meeting is sponsored by our patrons: SQS UK and Original Software and is, as usual, FREE to attend.

    Click here to book a place at the October Forum